Client Testimonials

Amy H.
Mission Viejo, CA

I was very impressed with Jon.  He was very informative, and he spent several hours helping me analyze my insurance options and, in the end, he told me that he would stick with my current carrier.  I really appreciated his honesty and integrity and would highly recommend this business to anyone searching for a new insurance broker.

Dana Point, CA

We used Jon to switch our auto insurance recently and he truly made it a breeze.  Everything was so fast and easy and he got us the best price around.  If you're quoted a cheaper rate somewhere else, he will actually read the policies written to see if the coverage is better than what he could write and authentically tell you which policy and rate is best...he truly has your interests at heart.
Jon really goes above and beyond with the service he provides. We received an email this week about a change in our policy and after sending him and email he was quick to make calls and fixed the issue promptly with no hesitation.
He has been so friendly and easy to work with we would never work with anyone else ever again!

Daniel H.

Jon and Warren have built an incredible agency.  While most agents merely quote prices, they delve deep to be sure everyone receives the best coverage and the best value.  Even if that means telling people to keep their present insurance.  You will not find a more knowledgeable person as far as the insurance industry and their integrity is the best.  Highly recommended for all your home, auto and

Irvine, CA

Jon's customer service is the BEST I've ever experienced from any insurance agent. Through many auto insurance changes involving a divorce and teen driver accidents, new mortgages with companies that failed to follow through with ensuring that my home is insured, Jon took the reigns and saved me hours and hours of phone calls, confusion, and frustration. He kindly and proactively takes care of things for me, without even having to be asked. He's a treasure, an agent to keep for life.

Newport Beach, CA

I have had Warren Firey help me with my auto insurance needs for several years and have never had any issues or concerns.  
Warren always provides great service to go with very competitive pricing. There was never a time where I called him and he couldn't help me in a reasonable amount of time.
I would highly recommend giving him a call when you are in need of auto insurance.

Karen C.
Dana Point, CA

I am a mortgage banker.  I refer all my clients to Jon and have never had a single complaint. They all love him!  I work with Jon because he is diligent, intelligent, responsive, and actually cares about his clients.  He also handles all my personal insurance for homes, autos and rental properties. Jon will answer the phone on Sundays, evenings, whenever.  It is very important in my business to work with a broker who has many options available to his clients, and who quickly responds to requests for evidence of insurance when we are closing a loan.  He is the best!

J.R. W.
Long Beach, CA

I started using Mercury in 2010 and my agent is Warren.  I went in to meet him in person and I cannot say enough about him.  1- He truly cares, I have met many insurance agents in my time and many from the bigger brands and they really just dont care because you are just a very small number, well Warren does care, along with the rest of his team.  2- Utmost professionalism.  Simply put he is respectful, understanding, honest, and straight-forward.  3- He is eager.  Have you ever met an agent, or any sales person who just doesnt really care if they get your business or not?  Do they work with you, do they actually care, no because someone will be lined up after you like a meat market.  Firey & Associates wants your business, and will fight for it.  I dont mean that he is aggressive or pushy or anything of the sort, far from that actually, but he does anything and everything in his power to make you feel like you are his only customer and will do anything to keep you for life.  Truly great service, doesnt send you countless lame emails about "hey did you know you can insure your jet ski's" every two days.  There when you need it and away when you dont.

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